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Chickens & Eggs

All of our Poultry is Raised Free Range on 100% Vegetarian Diet. We have several breeds of hens in our flock all of which lay large brown eggs. Our eggs are gathered, cleaned and boxed by hand.

Most of our eggs are boxed in reused and recycled egg cartons that our customers have turned in or returned to us at our markets.


for recycling your egg boxes with us.


Most of our animals are born right on our farm. 95% of our beef is born on our farm in Biglerville and all are pasture raised their whole life. Our herd is 90% purebred Hereford and 10% crossbred Hereford influenced cattle. All females are bred to our purebred Hereford bulls. The beef is pasture raised on a diet of grass, hay and haylage (when needed during certain parts of the year). We choose to add a sweet grain to the menu in the last month or so of the finishing process. We choose to do this so that we can put a finishing touch on the fat and flavor of the beef. All of our cattle are on pasture their whole lives. We do not finish in feed lots and we DO NOT USE HORMONES or ANTIBIOTICS as growth stimulants. We are 100% ALL Natural and we are a non-commercialized family farm that processes about 20 steers year.


100% of the rabbit is born, raised and finished here on the farm too. They are also raised all natural. Our bunnies are right at home in there 8 square foot hutch. This home has an open air, floor to ceiling window covered with wire to keep them safe from the natural predators found in Adams county, PA..

Our egg laying chickens are tended to and cared for by "Pappy". He turns the hens out every morning as the sun is coming up. and then pens them in at night as the sun is going down. Pappy gathers eggs 3 times a day. He hand cleans the eggs, sizes and boxes them each day.


The pork from Country Vittles is also All Natural. 75% of our pork is born on our farm or a family members farm. All of the pork is raised here at Critter Hill Farm. Our breading sows are crossbreds and they are on a 100% vegetarian Diet. They are fed antibiotic free grain, grasses, fruits and veggies. Our momma pigs love apples.


We offer Goat Meat only in the Spring and Summer. Our Chevon is from our Pure Bred Bore goat herd. Most of the goats are born on Critter Hill Farm. We raise our goats in pasture, as well. They are given hay and grain feed.

2021 Winter Markets:


Columbia Heights

Farmer's Market

NEW Schedule!!!!

Saturdays, 10am - 1pm.

Location: Corner of 14th St and Kenyon St, Washington, DC 20001

Opening Sat., Jan. 9, 2021

******For the winter months, Country Vittles from Critter Hill will be at market every other week, on these exact dates: 1/9, 1/23, 2/6, 2/20, 3/6, 3/20, 4/3

*Country Vittles will be at market weekly starting 4/4/2020. 

2021 Spring/Summer/Fall MARKETS:

Columbia Heights

Market Place


Location: Corner of 14th St and Kenyon St, Washington, DC 20001

Sat. 9am-1 pm.

Open April - December

NEW MARKET!! Potomac Village Farmers Market


Location: 9908 South Glen Rock Rd

Pototmac, MD 20854

Thurs. 2pm-6:30pm.

Open May 7th - Nov

Glover Park & Burleigh

Farmer's Market

Location: At Hardy Middle School's parking lot - 1819 35th St.

Washington, DC 20007

Sat. 9am-1pm.

Open: May - November 21st

Farmers Market at Maryland

University of Maryland Campus,

Tawes Plaza Gardens,

3900 Campus Dr,

College Park, MD 20742

Wed. 11am-3pm.

Open April - November 18th

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